VOL. 29 . NO.03. march 2016
journel of socialist thought and action

The American Election Campaign Update

It was disconcerting to see a fringe group of Indians in the USA announcing its support for Donald Trump in the ongoing campaign to finalize the Republican and Democratic candidates. Fortunately, more established representatives of Indians clarified that the group was too small to be of any consequence. However, it has to be reiterated that Donald Trump if selected as the Republican nominee to represent most Americans, let alone immigrant Americans, would be an unmitigated disaster. Most proud Indians strongly objected to foreigners and even 'eminent', 'intellectual' non-resident Indians like Salman Rushdie, Amartya Sen and Anish Kapoor publicly calling for Narendra Modi's defeat in 2014 when they were not citizens of India and had no vote here. It is clear that Trump's policies as President would rile almost every country in the world and turn the USA into a country appearing to be a bunch of gun-carrying rough necks who are intolerant of anyone who has a humanitarian voice or human needs and difficulties that call for compassion.

India has been treated well by Republican presidents like George W. Bush to whom Dr. Manmohan Singh gushingly declared rather hastily that 'every Indian loved him". Trump has not shown any special concern for any country other than his own. He obviously lives in one of his own isolated ivory Trump Towers where he believes brash money power and bullish negotiations are the only skills needed to run the world, leave alone his own country.

Americans are now realizing they have treated Trump as a joke for too long. They thought this character that provided fuel for jokes on late night talk shows would soon vanish from the horizon of real politics. Instead, he is looming large. Veteran political analysts are declaring their own versions of mea culpa for inadvertently encouraging his rise. The Republican Party in hushed tones regrets that desperation with which they went after Obama throughout his tenure, fuelling disappointment and anger among Americans about a time that has been largely economically sound, compassionate and dignified. It is hoped that the wise mandarins in our Ministry of Foreign Affairs are well prepared for all or any outcomes of the US campaign. Let us hope Prime Minister Modi never has the opportunity or the urge to be in a bear hug with a President named Donald Trump.

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